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Crazy Fly Cruiser-631x420


Stats Price £519

The Cruiser Pro is CrazyFly’s entry to the early planning twin tip market. There are two width options on the 145, of which we had the bigger one here on the test. Having had a number of CrazyFly boards on test over the last few years, it was interesting to notice the refinements and progress in construction, fittings and design and I was pleasantly surprised.

Up top
CrazyFly foot beds have been an emotional experience in the past with very channelled straps and rough foot beds, which are fortunately a thing of the past compared to today’s comfy, spongy and ergonomic versions. The straps have a bit of white for effect and a good velcro overlay with a large adjustment span. Placements are offset and have options for width.

Both the CrazyFly here and the RRD 10-Knots have gone for a high level construction giving added performance and weight saving. The CrazyFly is a bit weightier due to the full wood core and abs rails splattered with a finish of carbon on the deck in strategic areas. To top it off the Cruiser has a beautiful lacquered finish.

With a very wide midpoint the CrazyFly is a big ‘door’. The offset doesn’t really lend to toeside riding but is comfy on the heels, it has a continuous rocker with good flex and pop throughout. Tapered tips keep the spray down and a thin rounded square end shape gives good edging and control when heading into the wind.

Get up and Go
There’s loads of it as expected, it is comfy, cruises predictably and is fun to ride. It feels pretty big in the bumps and is not a freestyle machine, but cruising around turtle spotting it is happy as can be.

Flex and Pop
It has an adequate but not overwhelming amount of both. You can load up the tail well and pop comfortably over the chop. Boosting is also possible and fun if you get it right. You need to keep the front up on landing to avoid any rail catching.

Ride comfort and Tracking
This is where the CrazyFly really likes to be, cruising around over flat water, blasting up and downwind at a moderate speed. It is comfy in the pads and on the rail with the extra flex making the ride very forgiving.

It’s hard to make wood and carbon look bad. So this board is a stunner with some vibrant colours thrown in beneath a really classy lacquered topcoat. It looks fresh, quality, and fun to boot. It is a good quality finish from the fittings, to the layup and construction.

If you are looking for a big lightwind Cruiser which is happy blasting and great in lightwinds, looks good and has a top construction with good fittings then here it is. The carbon gives it a nice vibe, the width is great and it’s an all-round great summer cruising option.


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