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Cabrinha Secret Weapon 681px


Stats Price £679


Freestyle strapless surfboard riding has certainly taken the world by storm. Due to its nature, progression is possible even with under average surf conditions and light winds. The Secret Weapon is Cabrinha’s solution to maximizing those sessions to ensure you always finish every session with a smile on your face whatever the conditions, and from watching some
of Cabrinha’s latest videos they certainly look like they’re enjoying themselves!  TESTED AG/WK

The Secret Weapon comes across as an old school retro egg with a modern twist and a fishy tail. It has a high volume, rounded nose and keeps its width right through to the tail. She’s got a fairly thick deck which gives her a large amount of buoyancy allowing you to get away with a lot more than smaller boards – ideal for slightly slow tacks and jibes when learning to re-arrange your feet in a transition. The deck it self is largely covered by EVA pads to help with grip and also cushion landings when jumping. It does also have options for foot straps although with its maximized width offering great stability, learning to go strapless has never been easier!   Down below, Cabrinha have gone for a hex core and glass finish quad fin set up for strength and drive, set onto a single to double concave base. This gives the board a bit more speed straight outta tha bag and also makes the board a lot more maneuverable and skatie, ideal for some futuristic maneuvers especially when underpowered or at slow speeds.

The downside to this much volume and area is it becomes a bit of a tank when actually trying to use it like a surfboard. It’s challenging to weight the board correctly when leaning into a bottom turn with out the board skipping out or getting left behind. That said, when the conditions are average, you can still throw it about and push those futuristic moves. Small wave underpowered turns let the Average Joe throw spray and attitude with ease however.  For aerials it’s easy to catch the wind under the board to help stick it to your feet. The thickness of the rail though is quite tough to easily grab especially as it’s not the lightest board on the market – but this a huge positive of course when it comes to durability. The cork and bamboo core layers do help it come across sturdy, and its width and stability certainly helps you nail those landings.

On the beach it’s not too in your face and has a certain subtleness about it – nice –  whilst at the same time, its chiseled, aggressive swallow-tail does look like it means business. If you’re after a new stick to get deeper barreled on those 12foot days then stay well clear, but for the other 99% of us after a board to make those average sessions more enjoyable, grab the secret weapon and go play!


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