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Stats Main market Freestyle Sizes 9m Price £1039. With bar £1388

The GP is the freestyle kite of choice for all the Best freestyle team riders (including Lewis and Youri!). With 5 lines and a complete C shape design I was really excited to test the new generation of equipment that is starting to cause a bit of a stir all around the UK. So let’s see if a leopard can really change its spots…

Build and Construction When you first look at the shape of the 2013 GP it looks very similar to a lot of other C kites on the market, with its 5 strut configuration and direct line attachments I felt very at home while setting up the kite. Set up and tuning The attachment point to the kite gives you a few different options: Fast, medium or slow turning on the back lines and a second option on the front lines to make the kite sit a bit deeper in the window for a bit more grunt Bar and trim The first thing you notice about the bar is that it has the biggest chicken loop in the world as standard which, for a freestyle kite, is a brilliant thing to be seeing as it shows that this kite has been designed for freestyle from the bottom up. Above the bar ratchet strap trim system creates a clean practical bar.

Turning speed, handling and feel Once the kite gets into the air it really grabs your attention. Very direct steering, which feels right in your hands, creating that sports car feel. And you can tell this kite likes to be thrown around. Lift, hangtime and looping Looping is what this kite lives for, you can feel it getting all juiced up just before you are going to bang out a loop, it gives you a massive drive up as you send it, and then a really grunty loop followed by it driving hard to get back to the top of the window and catch you. Unhooking With the aid of the giant chicken loop unhooking is effortless; sometimes it does it without you even noticing. Good pop with no surprises and predictable pull which is an essential for freestyle. Trim, depower and range The depower range of the bar doesn’t look like much until you add in the size of the chicken loop which makes it a big reach to depower the kite, so the bigger loop might not be good for people with short arms. If your arms are long enough then you can really make the most of the depower on offer as, with heaps of travel, it will really be able to handle a massive wind range.

I have seen a massive progression with Best kites over the last few years, they seem to have been able to shed the horrors of the dreaded Waroo and have created a brilliant line of products for 2013, as well as acquiring a selection of surpirsingly cool team riders to boost their legitimacy… So the main problem is: who will we take the Mickey out of now?


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